Author Guidelines

General Author Guidelines

Articles submitted for publication must meet the following conditions:

  • The article is typed in double spacing and the length of writing is about 35,000 characters or 25 pages of quarto. To review a long book of 20,000 characters or 15 pages of quarto.
  • Writing organizations include: 1) title, 2) author's name (without title), 3) author's agency, 4) abstract in English and Indonesian no more than 200 words, 5) keywords, 6) introduction, 7) discussion, 8) conclusion 9) cover, and 9) bibliography. For scientific (research) articles, numbers (1) to (6) are the same as above, number 7) problem formulation, 8) aims and contributions, 9) literary studies and theoretical framework, 10) methods, 12) discussion and Findings, 13) cover, and 14) bibliography.
  • The full name of the author should be included along with the origin of the university or professional institution, complete address, and e-mail address that can be contacted. Also include two biographical sentences of the author (updated information) that can be used in your article.
  • The quotation of the entire bibliography is written with a body note or inclusive note model, in order of: 1) open parenthesis, 2) author's final name, 2) coma, 3) year, 4) colon, 5) the quoted page, and 6) parentheses Closed. Example: (Siregar, 2004: 12).
  • Include a bibliography at the end of your article, following the example as follows:

            Sample book: Mahmood, Tahir. Family Law in Islamic Contries; History, Text

            and Comparative Analisys. New Delhi: Academy of Law and Religion, 1987.

            Example of a journal article: Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz. "The Concept of  

            Modernization: An Analysis of Contemporary Islamic Thought", in The 

            American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences Vol. 14, No.1 (Spring 2001): p.


            It is suggested the use of a reference manager, MENDELEY and ZOTERO