Metode Tafsir Imam Al-Syfi’i dalam Kitab Ar-Rislah

  • Muhammad Esa UINSA
  • Setio Budi UINSA
  • Abdul Kadir Riyadi UINSA
  • Abdul Rofiq UINSA
Keywords: Tafsir Method; Imam al-Syafi'i; al-Risalah.


Imam al-Syafi'i has a very important role in the development of science in Islam,besides being known as a faqih (fiqh expert), Imam Syafi'i is one of the figures who are very understanding of the meanings of the Qur'an. Therefore, this study aims to find out the thoughts about the method of interpretation in the book al-Risalah. Because basically this book was written as a gift from Abdurahman bin Mahdi regarding the content of the meaning of the Qur'an. Using a qualitative approach (library research), the results show that in the book of al-Risalah, Imam Syafi'i's method of understanding the Qur'an can be found using the sources bil-Ma'tsur or bil-Riwayah, both the Qur'an , hadith, opinions of friends and the words of the tabi'in.