Pandangan Al-Qur’an dalam Beragama

  • Komaru Zaman Institut Agama Islam Faqih Asyari (IAIFA) Kediri
  • Ahmat Fuat Rifangi Institut Agama Islam Faqih Asyari (IAIFA) Kediri
Keywords: Al-Qur’an, Religion.


Humans are created with a wide variety of ethnicities and diversity, therefore it is impossible for humans to have the same personality and character. So that to direct it, humans really need religion so that in their life there is harmony even though they come from various circles, different races and races As the Qur'an has explained clearly: “And if your god wills, surely the faith of all the people on earth throughout it So do you (want) to force people so that they become people who believe all for them.